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iRig Acoustic Stage

iRig Acoustic Stage

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iRig Acoustic Stage is a revolutionary new way to amplify your acoustic guitar for use live on stage. Just clip the ultra-compact microphone to your guitar and connect it to the belt pack, and enjoy a clear, uncolored sound like that of a professional microphone. 6 EQ settings and apersonal calibration ensure the best possible sound and instant feedback elimination make this an amazing new way to preserve the real tone of your instrument. Features:

• High performance clip-on MEMS microphone and standalone digitalpreamp processor

• Works with any acoustic guitar providing an exceptionally true acoustic tone

• AUX input to connect an existing guitar pickup system and blend it with the iRig Acoustic Stage signal. Includes blend and phase control.

• Onboard DSP provides personalized tone calibration and 4 selectable variations (natural, warm, bright and lo-cut)

• Includes a powerful feedback suppression system that will immediately eliminate feedback at the touch of a button

• 32-bit A/D and D/A audio conversion provides professional quality audio with USB connection to Mac/PC and iOS

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