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The Samson LM7x is a low-profile, unidirectional lavalier microphone with a miniature condenser mic capsule. It provides outstanding audio reproduction, as well as a lightweight/inconspicuous clip design, that's perfect for a variety of live and broadcast vocal applications. And with four adapter cables included, the LM7x can be used with most popular wireless systems.

Features include:

• Lavalier microphone with 6.84mm condenser mic capsule

• Lightweight/inconspicuous clip design for placement on ties, lapels, etc.

• Ideal for broadcast, presentation, house of worship, theater and other vocal applications

• Unidirectional pickup pattern

• 50Hz-12kHz frequency response

• Includes four detachable adapter cables (1/8″ [3.5mm], Hirose® 4-Pin, Switchcraft® TA3F, Switchcraft® TA4F) for compatibility with most popular wireless transmitters

• “Cat fur” windscreen, four standard windscreens, mic clip and carry case included
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