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The Heil Sound PL2T Topless® Boom mount is a unique and versatile boom that utilizes a system of perfectly balanced internal springs to provide perfect balance and silent, effortless adjustment of its position. The PL2T easily handles microphones weighing up to 2.5 lbs., and it makes for a professional-looking installation without adding to the clutter in front of you.

The Heil PL2T features a hollow channel that the microphone cable can be fed through and provides the perfect cable maintenance. The unique Topless® design of the PL2T allows you to remove the top and back cover plates, so you can thread the microphone cable along the spine of the mount. Once the cable is in place, you snap the cover plates back in place, for a clean installation with no visible wiring. The PL 2T is shipped with a brass lined “C” clamp mount that accept up to a 1-1/2″ thick table.

The PL2T will fit all of the brass lined Heil mounting accessories:

• DT-1 Flush Mount

• FL-2 Flange Mount

• WM-1 Wall Mount

• RS-1 Riser Mount

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