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The Heil 31 BW microphone is the answer to those who use the PR30 for cymbals & toms, but need it to fit in tight spots. Through a collaboration with FOH engineer for the Charlie Daniels Band, Bob Workman (hence the “BW” designation), the 4-inch tall PR31BW was developed.

The PR31BW realizes all the benefits of the PR30 in a smaller footprint suitable for mounting to toms and for capturing cymbals from underneath, as well as from overhead. As with the PR30, there's no worrying about picking up nearby sounds from other drums, or other sources. And also like the PR30, there's no worrying about overload.

The PR31BW is great for vocals, guitar cabinets, brass horns, saxophone, and piano and it will even fit inside Leslie speaker cabinets, and more. There are a variety of mounting options from Heil for drums, guitar and vocals/broadcasting.

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