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Tourtek Rechargeable Pedalbaord with Carry Case

Tourtek Rechargeable Pedalbaord with Carry Case

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The Tourtek PB1911 Rechargeable Pedalboard provides stompbox users with the convenience, versatility and mobility necessary for playing stages with limited or no power options, making quick stage changes, setting up outdoors and a variety of other performance scenarios. With its built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery delivering an abundance of clean, quiet power with a maximum capacity of 25,600mAh, the PB1911 can run a diverse collection of pedals for up to 10 hours on a single charge.

The PB1911's 19.25″ x 10.6″ durable, yet lightweight chassis features a powerbank with 20 output ports: six (6) 9V/600mA [for standard effects pedal], eight (8) 9V/2000mA, four (4) 12V/1000mA and two (2) switchable 18-24V/500mA. That means you can provide ample power to up to 20 effects pedals without having to plug into an outlet. In addition, the PB1905 comes with enough male Velco® pedal mounting tape (1m) to cover the entire pedalboard and help secure all of your pedals. You get ten (10) positive tip polarity power cords and two (2) negative tip polarity power cords, so you have everything you need to connect your pedals and design your ideal pedalboard. A protective carry case is also included to keep all your gear safe during transport.

Features include:

• 25″ x 10.6″ pedalboard with a built-in powerbank to run all your pedals

• 20 powerbank output ports (6x 9V/600mA, 8x 9V/2000mA, 4x 12V/1000mA, 2x switchable 18-24V/500mA)

• Power up all of your pedals with a single switch

• Clean, quiet battery power equivalent to a 9Valkaline battery

• Durable, lightweight chassis

• 2-3 hour fast charge lasts for up to 10 hours

• Rechargeable lithium ion battery

• Useable while charging, even if battery is lowor uncharged

• Power/capacity LED indicator

• Includes protective carry case, two AC power adapters, black (10x) and white (2x) power cords, and male Velco pedal mounting tape (1m)
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