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UNO Synth

UNO Synth

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UNO Synth is the ultimate portable, monophonic, true analog synthesizer and IK Multimedia's entry in the hardware synthesizer world. It's a no-compromise instrument with massive analog sound that's also easy to use, with hands-on programmability and advanced features at an unbeatable price. Seasoned synth professionals and beginners alike will love UNO Synth's high-quality, pure analog audio path and its ultra-compact form factor. With both classic and modern synth sounds instantly at hand, UNO will put a smile on the face of synth fans of every musical genre. All this in a synth module that can be easily carried anywhere. Electronic music lovers or first-time synth users will get instant satisfaction from this affordable, easy-to-use instrument even if they are new to analog synths or synth programming. Thanks to its onboard presets and easy-to-play keyboard with selectable scales and arpeggiator, UNO Synth is the perfect gateway into the synthesizer world.

Features include:

• All-analog audio path with 2 VCOs with continuously variable waveshape, noise generator, resonant multimode VCF and VCA

• 2 independent analog VCOs with Saw, Triangle and Pulse waveforms with continuously variable shape including PWM of the square wave and a separate white noise generator

• A 2-pole multimode OTA-based sweepable analog resonant multimode filter with LPF, HPF, BPF

• LFO with Sine, Triangle, Square, Up Saw, Down Saw, Random and Sample-and-Hold to modulate Pitch, Filter and Amp

• AD (Filter) + AR (Amp) envelopes (full ADSR control available via MIDI CC or software editor)

• 40 onboard controls and LED display

• 10 mode, 4-octave arpeggiator

• Real-time and step edit 16-step sequencer with 20 automatable parameters

• Onboard multi-touch 27-note chromatic and scale keyboard with 13 scales

• Sync Delay audio effect and 5 performance effects

• Self-tuning with auto-tune calibration

• USB MIDI and 2.5 mm jack MIDI IN/OUT (cables included)

• Audio In to daisy chain other audio devices with no need for a mixer

• Mac/PC software Editor/librarian

• Complete MIDI implementation with all parameters and clock can be controlled via MIDI CC

• Battery (4xAA) or USB powered

• Ultra-portable and lightweight

• Designed and made in Italy

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