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V55 RX Receiver

V55 RX Receiver

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The V55-RX 12-channel wireless receiver is included as part of XD-V55, XD-V55HS and XD-V55L systems, which set new standards for versatility, reliability, ease of use and superior audio quality. Designed for vocalists, active performers and spoken word presenters, this receiver features exclusive DCL (Digital Channel Lock) technology and delivers great-sounding, trouble-free performances.

Features: 12 simultaneous channels • Line 6 RF1 and RF2 compatible • Worldwide, license-free operation in the 2.4GHz band • Built-in dynamic filter • Pair of 2.4GHz rubber antennas (Half Wavelength Antenna Pair) • Included as part of XD-V55/HS/L systems • Can be used with V75-HHTX, V70-HHTX, V55-HHTX, V35-HHTX, V30-HHTX, V75-BP, V70-BP, V55-BP, V35-BP, V30-BP, Relay G90, G50, and G30 bodypack transmitters • Requires Line 6 DC-1g 9V power supply (not included).
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