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Vh-14d 14“ Digital Hi Hat Cymbal Pad

Vh-14d 14“ Digital Hi Hat Cymbal Pad

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The latest in Roland's illustrious line of V-Drums digital drum and cymbal triggers is the VH-14D V-Hi-hat. With independent bow/edge sensors and advanced play support, this digital hi-hat trigger gives you the tools you need to create dimension and atmosphere in your tracks just like a "real" set of hi-hats. Mount the VH-14D to your favorite hi-hat stand using the included accessories, and you're fully supported for pumping time, splashing accents, and creating dizzying variations of closed eighths, half-open flourishes, and bombastic full-bore metal washes. Whatever your style, the VH-14D's speed and expression are second to none. Even super-quick EDM hat rolls don't get lost when you're grooving on the VH-14D's soft, quiet 14-inch rubber playing surface. Footing, sticking, and even choking on these hats feels much like the real thing. What's more, the VH-14D's sleek, low-profile design looks totally natural in both hybrid and fully electronic environments. So whether you're incorporating this trigger into your studio TD-50 or VAD stage kit, the Roland V-Drums VH-14D V-Hi-hat delivers the look, feel, and performance you've been waiting for.

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